All in on BUDZ!

BUDZ is a marijuana stock. Set California aside for a minute; we’ll get back to it later, public opinion on legalization is changing. All it is going to take is a few more old politicians to die off. All it is going to take is for a few more of the kids these days to actually vote. All it is going to take is a serious look at how addiction works and whether or not we want to continue to have an "opioid crisis," or if we want to allow people to have the freedom to do what they want in a responsible manner. All it is going to take is a few more people waking up to the idea that the War on Drugs is expensive and not something we are going to win. All it is going to take is more local governments realizing how much tax revenue they are leaving on the table to enforce their own morality. All it is going to take is more entrepreneurs and agricultural workers to realize how many jobs are being squandered. Legalization is coming.

On October 30th (2017) I was thinking of investing in BUDZ, but they were nearly literally a penny stock. They were trading at $1.30 on October 30th.

Being Grateful

Right to Left: Christopher L. Jorgensen, Benny, and Dennis J Naughton

I've been trying to challenge myself to think about more positive things more often, to train my brain to not dwell on the negative and intrusive. This is a sort of interesting exercise. To try to come up with one single thing you are grateful for every single day. Or, if possible, three times a day. These are sort of like micro meditations, wherein I spend at least 15 seconds thinking about things that are going well. Not...

For Shame!

So this daily shaming of predatory men is disconcerting. Today it's Matt Lauer's turn on the naughty step. I've made jokes about ”Wonder who goes tomorrow?” and I am seldom left without my daily dose of schadenfreude. There is someone nearly every single day (although some of the more surprising ones like Charlie Rose get more days). It feels a lot like a witch hunt or McCarthyism, but I keep telling myself, ”These are actually communist witches!” These bastards deserve what's coming to them. Burn 'em at the stake or do whatever one does to communists for all I care.

Cabinet Cards

Fannie Fenn of Charlotte, Michigan, c. 1900.

I collect Cabinet Cards. <---- That’s a link. | So is this! ----> Cabinet card.

This post is not going to be a history of cabinet cards or even what defines them. (I don’t know enough to speak to either of those topics.)

I don’t know why I like them. I can’t articulate how I feel when I hold one. I can’t explain why some speak to me, while others do not. I just like them. I like imagining the life lived. I like the feeling of history in my hand, the tangible object and the intangible existence of one long dead. I make up stories in my head of who the person was, what made them special, and stories of who they loved and who loved them.

Dear Diary

Marbles the cat

For pretty much as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be the kind of person who keeps a daily journal. I’ve wanted to produce years of writing and sketches and document my growth as a writer, artist, and human being; a ledger of a life; a record that I was here, that I created, and there was significance to my words. I imagined shelves lined with mostly-complete notebooks jammed full of ideas and observations, a reckoning of emotion, an honest reflection and historical record of life’s event.

I’ve never been this person.