Shapeshifting can be a distinct and dedicated form of magic. However, it can also be a subset of broader magical practices like wizardry, sorcery, or even druidic magic, depending on the lore in question. Shapeshifting abilities are often categorized into two main groups:

Polymorph Shapeshifters: These individuals have the ability to change into multiple forms. This form of shapeshifting is often considered more versatile, as the shapeshifter can adopt various appearances, from animals to other humanoids. The range of possible transformations is typically broad.

Monomorph Shapeshifters: Monomorph shapeshifters, on the other hand, are confined to a singular form. They can transform into one specific creature, like a wolf, bear, giant bird, or another entity. While their range of forms is limited, they often possess deep connections to the characteristics and abilities of their chosen creature.

Additionally, some shapeshifters have the extraordinary ability to shift into multiple creatures, sometimes even entire swarms of beings, such as insects, birds, or bats.

The source and control of shapeshifting abilities can vary widely. Some shapeshifters gain their powers through the study of magic, while others inherit them through lineage or are bestowed with the ability as part of a curse or divine gift. The extent to which these abilities can be controlled may also differ. Some shapeshifters have full control over their transformations, while others may struggle with involuntary shifts during specific triggers like a full moon or strong emotions.