Blood Magic

Blood Magic is a dark and forbidden form of magic that taps into the life force and essence of living beings, often requiring the sacrifice of blood or life to cast powerful spells. It is a dangerous and corrupting practice, drawing its power from the very essence of life itself. Those who practice Blood Magic are known as Blood Mages.

Blood Magic is one of the forbidden magics, along with necromancy. The practitioners of these magics are seen as being of evil who have already lost their souls. Blood magic appeals to those of a darker nature.

While wizardry is often associated with Blood Magic, some witches have also been known to dabble in these forbidden arts. However, such actions are generally met with fear and distrust, as Blood Magic is believed to lead to corruption and malevolence.

Despite the inherent dangers of Blood Magic, there are some who believe it is possible to use this dark art without fully submitting to their darker natures. However, such opinions are often considered controversial and best kept unshared.

One of the few exceptions to the prohibitions on Blood Magic is the use of Blood Pacts, where blood and vows are involved in forging powerful bonds or agreements between individuals.

Principles of Blood Magic

Sacrifice: Blood Mages use sacrifice to power their spells. Often, this involves the use of their own blood or that of a group of willing participants. The more complex the spell, the more blood it requires. There are stories from ancient times of whole villages being put to the blade to cast terrible spells.

Corrupting Influence: Blood Magic practitioners have already crossed a line, and there are few ethical ways to use blood in spells. Blood is often used in curses and attempts to raise the dead, delving into dark and forbidden realms.

Forbidden Knowledge: Blood Magic is one of the forbidden magics, alongside necromancy. While blood may sometimes be a small component in other spells, it truly crosses the line when blood becomes the sole driver of the magic.

Power and Temptation: Blood Mages and Necromancers exist under a death sentence, as they are willing to risk the repercussions to gain this forbidden knowledge. Even possessing books or scrolls on Blood Magic is generally outlawed, as it is believed to lead practitioners into darker and more dangerous territory.

Blood Bonds: Blood Magic can create potent magical bonds between individuals, linking their fates together. These bonds can be used for both benevolent and malevolent purposes, forging strong connections that transcend normal magical boundaries.

Healing and Curses: Despite its dark nature, Blood Magic can wield healing spells as well. Blood Mages use the life force drawn from sacrifices to mend wounds or cure illnesses. However, their healing abilities are often tainted with a hint of malevolence and always come with a dark price.

Blood Rituals: Rituals in Blood Magic are often elaborate and require specific elements, incantations, and sometimes the involvement of multiple participants. These rites are often conducted in conjunction with the cycles of the moons, harnessing the mysterious energies they possess.

Consequences: The use of Blood Magic comes with severe consequences. It can draw the attention of dark entities or malevolent spirits, leading to unintended and dire outcomes. The corruption that seeps into the soul of a Blood Mage can have lasting effects, forever changing the individual.

Due to its inherent dangers and the potential for widespread destruction, Blood Magic is often sought out by those seeking great power or those who have succumbed to their darker impulses. It is an art steeped in secrecy and peril, and only the most daring and desperate are willing to venture into its dark depths.