Thoron’s Day

Thoron's Day is a treasured holiday celebrated by many on the Zuwali continent and observed by the non-indigenous people of Meskrell. Despite its unknown origins, the holiday holds a special place in the hearts of those who partake in its festivities.


On Thoron's Day, the people of Zuwali and the colonized portions of Meskrell have two primary ways of commemorating the occasion. Firstly, everyone considers themselves to be a year older on this day. Unlike traditional year-based age measurements, the inhabitants of these regions mark their age by how many Thoron's Days they have lived to observed. Thoron's Day is a time of personal reflection, growth, and appreciation for the passage of time.


This day is filled with merriment and joy, characterized by the eating of treats, especially sweets, and the exchange of gifts among loved ones and those of lesser fortune. Markets are filled with colorful displays of candies, pastries, and confections, tempting both the young and old.


The origins of Thoron's Day have been lost in time. Some claim that Thoron was once a god worshiped by their ancestors in a more primitive age, but none believe him to be a part of any current pantheon. A separate theory suggests that Thoron was a celebrated hero from the past, a legendary figure whose exploits were glorified over time, but this theory is generally derided.

Whether as a god or a heroic figure, this day serves as a time for reflection, gratitude, and the joy of coming together in celebration.