Star Dance

Festival of Eternal Radiance

Held on the last evening of spring the holiday of Star Dance is the one universally observed holiday on Hoem. This festival marks the return of summer and the ascendence of Sorale as a God of Vitality and Warmth.


Nearly all cultures recognize Star Dance as a holiday to be held on the evening of the last sunset of spring to the first sunrise of summer. Children are generally excluded from the overnight festival and attending one’s first festival is a mark of adulthood.


On Star Dance the people gather in town centers and outside community halls to watch the last sunset of spring. They then begin celebrating with feasting, dancing, drinking, and open displays of affection and feats of magic and physical prowess. It is a night to profess love and burning desire, and many children are conceived on the evening of Star Dance. The festivities end when all gather at the town’s edge to greet the first sunrise of summer. 


Summer solstice has always been marked as a day of observance and reflection, but only in the last few hundred years has it become a formal holiday.