Day of Justice

The Day of Justice is a momentous and revered occasion celebrated once a year dedicated to G'orn, the God of Law and History. This special day holds significant importance as it brings together the people to engage in a collective pursuit of justice, fairness, and the preservation of the community's history.


On the Day of Justice, the entire community gathers at a central location, often in the temple or a grand assembly hall. The day begins with a solemn ceremony, invoking the blessings of G'orn and seeking guidance in the pursuit of truth and justice. The proceedings are presided over by a council of wise elders, appointed representatives, or esteemed judges, who are considered experts in matters of law and governance.

Reviewing Imprisonment and Banishment:

One of the primary purposes of the Day of Justice is to review the cases of individuals who have been imprisoned or banished from the community. Each case is thoroughly examined, and evidence is presented, allowing the community members to weigh in on the fate of the accused. The decision to release someone from imprisonment or to welcome back a banished member is taken after careful consideration of the individual's conduct, circumstances, and potential for rehabilitation.

Challenging Existing Laws:

The day also serves as an opportunity for the community to question the validity and relevance of existing laws and regulations. Citizens are encouraged to come forward and present arguments for the removal of outdated or unjust laws. These debates foster a sense of participatory democracy, allowing everyone to have a voice in shaping the legal framework of their society.

Reading of the Public Record:

Another integral part of the Day of Justice is the reading of the public record of events from the previous year. This ritual aims to keep the community informed about its history, achievements, and challenges. The record includes major events, accomplishments, disputes, and resolutions, offering valuable lessons from the past that can guide decisions in the future.

Community Bonding and Reflection:

Beyond the legal aspects, the Day of Justice is also a time for community bonding and reflection. It fosters a sense of unity and responsibility among the people, emphasizing the collective well-being and harmony. It is a day to remind individuals of their role in upholding the principles of justice and fairness, ensuring that every member of the community is treated with respect and dignity.

Overall, the Day of Justice exemplifies the essence of G'orn's teachings, advocating for a just and orderly society while preserving its history and traditions. The celebration reinforces the values of fairness, accountability, and continuous improvement, fostering a sense of purpose and shared responsibility among the community members.