Calendar of Hoem

The yearly calendar of Hoem is divided into twelve months. Each month consists of thirty days or five weeks. Each week consists of six days: four workdays and two days of rest (though these are not generally observed as such as most businesses are open most days).

Months of the Year

1. Tumere
2. Verdara
3. Baloria
4. Caelon
5. Valorys
6. Aurelion
7. Solanis
8. Thessora
9. Nyrora
10. Aetharis
11. Jalmus
12. Ferous

Days of the Week

1. Nyraday
2. Jalmaday
3. Moonday
4. Mariday
5. Suralday
6. Skysday

Currently years are measured from an event called the Great Reset where most believe plague and war greatly reduced the population of Hoem. Historians do not have an accurate record of these times and there are conflicting stories as to what caused the death of millions with many blaming the gods themselves. The current year is 1673 since the Great Reset.