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Note: this is modified from a previous post on the Jackass Letters Facebook page.

Here’s the deal. You can still buy my book! It’s still for sale. You can trade some ill-gotten gains, some of your filthy lucre, for a copy of Jackass Letters: Archive Volume 1.

No one will think less of you if you treat yourself to some stupidity. Ok, your mom might, but be honest, you’ve always been a disappointment to her.

Already purchased a copy? Then buy another! Surely you have someone in your life you love enough to give a copy as a gift, but don’t love enough to make that gift be truly anything special (think third-cousin, or former boss!).

You know you want me to write more of these letters. This is the the second best way to show some support! (The first best way is illegal in 13 states and the Virgin Islands.) More support means more effort on my part. It’s a win, mostly-win situation!

Also, I need the money. Well, actually, I don’t need the money. I’d just like the money. I’m saving up for a black market kidney, and every dollar helps! Note: There’s nothing wrong with my kidneys, I’ve just always wanted to own an illegal body organ or two. Don’t make me settle for just a used liver!

Buy the book! You know you want to.

Also, leave book reviews wherever you can. Amazon, B&N, Goodreads, your Facebook page, the bathroom stall wall. Wherever, man!

Let’s make this happen!

If you just dig the site and want nothing to do with the book, well, then you are weird, but I am looking for more Patreon patrons. I've been writing letters again, and will start posting replies as soon as I start getting some. I would like to take the site back to a weekly site, but I need your help to do it!

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