Writers' block

So here's the deal...I have never had writers' block. Pretty much ever. I can always get the words to come together.

This isn't one of those "humblebrags." It's just a fact. I can always write.

My problem is writing what I am supposed to be writing. Or even getting my ass in the chair to write.

I've always loved writing. I've often surrounded myself with writers, took every writing course I could, even knocked out a couple of book length manuscripts, and I've managed to be paid a tim...

Let's be dramatic!

I'm leaving Facebook.

Ok, not really. But I do plan to minimize my presence there. I want to take control of my own content again and to decrease my footprint. I've been growing more and more frustrated with the direction the internet has been going for years now (Get off my lawn!). For a bright short period of time it seemed like anyone that knew how to put words together could build an audience and a brand and if lucky a living. There were blogs on nearly every conceivable topic and writers...